The commitment of Lokmangal to provide benefits to rural and underprivileged  sections of the society is accomplished through several extraordinary schemes undertaken.

             Annadan Yojana

Lokmangal has always respected the contribution of elderly people of our society. There is a neglected section of these people who cannot arrange their food due to economic and other reasons. Lokmangal provides food to these elderly people at their door step every day under this scheme.

           Vidyadan Yojana


Lokmangal has created a pool of scholars and many young enthusiastic students are able to complete their education with the scholarship  provided by Lokmangal. Lokmangal’s Vidyadan Yojana provide a chance to obtain professional education in the chosen field to the deserving students constrained due to economic problems.

     Water Shed Management

Lokmangal has sponsored several water shed building and management schemes at village level in drought prone area of North and South Solapur district in particular and also in other regions of Maharashtrat.

Entrepreneurship Encouragement


Lokmangal has always encouraged young entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas into reality. Several entrepreneurs especially from rural area have been benefited through financial, technical and logistic support provided to deserving entrepreneurs by Lokmangal

            Mass Marriages


Marriage is a very important event in the life of a person. Lokmangal arranges mass marriage event every year. Several thousand people have been benefited by this. There is no discrimination made on the basis of religion , cast, etc. among those participating in this mass marriage event.

      Mobile Soil Testing Facility


Lokmangal’s well equipped soil testing van is benefiting a number of farmers for knowing the status of their field soil. The soil testing is done on field and the farmers are provided expert advice to maintain the soil health.

Hon.Shri Subhash Deshmukh

Honorable Minister, Cooperation, Marketing and Textiles,
Maharashtra State

The Lokmangal group formed by Hon. Shri Subhash(Bapu)Deshmukh is a reputed and progressive business group providing support for social and educational development of rural and underprivileged people. It has grown into a vast and diversified conglomerate in just 18 years. Lokmangal is working in various sectors such as Agro-industries, Banking & Finance, Education ,Health care, Infrastructure Development, Construction, Retail and Logistics. We are committed for all round progress through collective efforts for inclusive and sustainable growth. The Lokmangal Group presently provides direct employment to over 2500 people and indirect employment and business opportunities to several thousand more.